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The original trailer for 'Dreamful'. Originally the production began in 2013 with Emma-Jane Spithill as the lead. Shooting began with Spithill and the director cut a 10 minute version of the expressionist piece (with trailer), and it was screened to an audience of about 100 people in September 2013. It received positive and mixed feedback, however after the screening director Jonathan Byron decided it was too surreal and needed a story structure. Spithill, who is not an actress, became too busy with primary school teaching, so Byron recast Josephine’s part and found Irish actress Shian Denovan, and although she was physically different to Emma-Jane, her performance was both hilarious and captivating. The role of Stephan was given to veteren European-Australian stage and screen actor Frank Handrum, who was perfect for the part and injected even more comedy into the film.
With crew and casting complete in July 2014, photographs were made of Shian during costume fittings, and the location (a 1920’s style retro bar in South Melbourne) was secured. There’s now only one thing remaining….money.
Jonathan Byron and production designer Valentina Veil are now in the process of creating a crowd funding campaign for the film, while the film remains in a temporary hiatus.

A film by Jonathan Byron. Written, Directed, Cinematography and Editing by Jonathan Byron. 'The Twins (Prague)' by Max Richter. Starring Emma-Jane Spithill.

This trailer and the film 'Dreamful' is copyright of Tiny Giant Films © 2013.


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