Astronomy Sky's the Limit!

A short journey of the moon from moon-rise to moon-set.

I recently visited Joshua tree and instantly fell in love. There's more to this mysterious place than only being a national park with interesting rock formations. Joshua tree brings to life a very magical feeling that is quite different than many other national parks Some people believe there's an energy vortex that emits a radiant energy across the land.

For me, I enjoy seeing and feeling the "other" world energy of Joshua Tree. At night, it really does look like you could be on another planet with many of the interesting rock formations. During my evening in Joshua Tree, I shot with 3 DSLR's simultaneously capturing time lapse of the moon as it passed overhead.

Using: The Genie by SYRP, Revolve Camera Dolly, Mark II, Mark III, 6D, Canon 16-35, Zeiss, bottle of whiskey.


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