Anyone who has ever flown on a plane, has had the experience of looking out the window and seeing the clouds below. The only problem is, the window is so darn small. With that said, if you ever get a chance to hike up into the mountains and stand on top of the clouds, take it. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.
July 10-12th, 2013, I had the opportunity to stand above the clouds with a 360 degree view of that plane seat window. A marine layer had move in over Puget Sound, making for several cloudy days in Seattle and surrounding areas. When this happened, I headed to the high country, and spent a few days shooting time lapse footage on Mount Rainier.
The night of the 10th, was especially amazing from the vantage of the Freemont Fire Lookout near the sunrise visitor center. At an elevation of ~7200 feet above sea level, it was high enough to put me right at the top of the clouds. I spent all night, from sunset through sunrise, shooting everything from the sun, the clouds, the Milky Way, and even an amazing display by the Aurora Borealis. For the night shots, the challenge was the winds which were blowing in the 20-30 mph range, so I was limited to where I could shoot from. I basically had to use the lookout as a wind block for the cameras.

All or the footage was shot between Sunrise and the Freemont Lookout, and shows a variety of conditions from the marine layer and surrounding fog.
Technical details
Canon 60D (2)
Tamron 17-50
Tokina 11-16
Dynamice Perceptions stage zero dolly.
The video is composed of just under 8,000 individual images.
These images were processed with Lightroom and LRtimelapse into sequences, and the final video was put together with Premier from 20 difference sequences. The 4 minute video represents just under 21 hours of shooting time.

The Music is "A New Flame" by Basspartout

Hope everyone enjoys, and keep an eye out because there are more in the works.


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