The Small World Project

A dancer is performing in a show but it doesn't go well.

Example made for the Children's Art Day storyboarding workshop. It took me 20 minutes to write the scenario, so nothing too sophisticated here ;-)

As part of the Children’s Art Day 2009 and the Dreams of Progress exhibition, a one hour storyboarding workshop was organised for the pupils of the year 4 from St Clement Danes School. Children learned how to create storyboards from pre-existing video material. Besides the fun and practical experience gained from the workshop, kids also learned how the same video footages can be sequenced to create many different stories; how what is showed everyday on TV is not an exact representation of reality but the result of a montage.

Children used the footages from the utopian video ‘Design for Dreaming’ (General Motors - 1956) to create their storyboards. The workshop was inspired by the ‘Same video, different use’ collaborative project initiated by the video artist Remyyy.

- Soundtrack: "Roots" by Galdson, 2006 -
- Video: "Design for Dreaming" by GM, 1956 -
- "Same video, different use" group:

- More details about the workshop:


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