SML Fine Art = 大中小藝 = SML ファインアート


Quote: 'Geerts strives to represent different levels of perception in static paintings you see in a glance viewability. His painters adventure in wich emotions, memories, but also see and hear, processed incorporated into basic visual elements such as color, shape, line, proportion, light and space. In the tension between what is painted and what colors, shapes, and gesture causes it involves the viewer. On the mezzanine is a deliciously fragrant oilpainting from the series Monologue Interieur. It is one of the most solid compositions in the exhibition. Like no other it reflects the construction in his search for pure painting. The work is a visual response to his painterly questions as the right balance between the emotional gesture and the rational constructive elements. But the colors and their contrasts are, so understated and quiet, at the right place in the composition. So the viewer thinks, this is as it should be and not otherwise.'
Credits: Lida Bonnema, art critic, 2010 Noord Hollands Dagblad
In 2006 an artist monograph, 25 years painting, is presented Peter J. Geerts, Schilderijen 1981-2006, 'Op zoek naar een synthetisch concretisme' / 'Searching for synthetic contretism'.


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