How Brooklyn? So Brooklyn!

Took me long enough but I got it done. This song was made back in 2009 for my third Mixtape titled 'Omnipotency- 2009'- named that because thats how I was feeling at the moment.

This song actually came out of mixed emotions, after I realized most of my team was falling apart, didnt have their heart in it- and I was left alone to finish my tape with one my bestfriends Bars Mckoy.

This video was shot in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, New York. Mostly on a rooftop near Tompkins Projects. Unfortunately I hadnt shot a video before and this was my first attempt at making it, and having it make sense. My voice is heard at the end of this visual where my verse starts, but im not sure if I will ever shoot my part.

I know it isnt much. But i hope you enjoyed it either way.


Instrumental: Fat Joe- All or Nothing

Canon Rebel T2i
Canon 50mm 1.2
Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5.5
Magic Bullet Mojo


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