Visual Sociology


There are increasing numbers of single mothers in Kenya. This is due to the breakdown of the traditional family fabric, social and economic environment. Individual relationships have gained popularity, and marriage has ceased to represent ties between social groups; a trend that has been attributed as a sign of growing independence of some women and as a consequence of poverty and lack of sufficient sexual education in learning institutions.
“The phenomenon is universal and pervasive in Kenya. It is not confined to one class, age-group or region. The causes as well as the consequences of being a single mother vary. Most single-parent families consist of the woman as the parent, a trend increasingly emerging among urban and professional women. Also the increase in single-parent families in Kenya is attributed to high incidences of teenage pregnancy and premarital and extramarital sex. Mortality as a result of HIV/AIDS is high, and the resulting widowhood is increasingly contributing to the cases of single parenthood as well as a pattern that of child-headed or youth-headed families when children are orphaned after parents die of HIV/AIDS infection.

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