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--- emPolygonizer4 Tutorial 02 ---

The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial:

starting at 00:00 > "Introduction".
starting at 01:21 > "Understanding deformation motion blur".
starting at 02:45 > "Non-changing topology".
starting at 04:18 > "Changing topology and motion blur problems".
starting at 08:18 > "emPolygonizer4 topology".
starting at 09:53 > "Mental Ray: How to mesh a simulated emPolygonizer4 mesh with motion blur".
starting at 12:30 > "Mental Ray: Some problems with simulated meshes and motion blur".
starting at 13:52 > "Mental Ray: How to render rock-solid motion blur using cached geometry".
starting at 16:58 > "SItoA + Arnold: how to render emPolygonizer4 meshes with motion blur".
starting at 20:13 > "What else is new in this update?".
starting at 22:26 > "Support of emBatch licensing".
starting at 23:28 > "The 'ICE Data Generator' compound".
starting at 25:04 > "Bye Bye".


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