Sony HDR-XR5xx/CX5xx/NEX-VG10

Decided to pull some stills from the videos I've shot in the neighborhood over this summer, focusing on the kids.

It's amazing the high quality of the stills you can extract from video the VG-10 produces. If you were printing them, unlike with a 1.5 crop sensor 35mm still DSLR, you couldn't really go larger than 8x10. But still, if you're hard pressed to get some stills from a video shoot, you can do it. Hardly anyone will notice that these stills are pulled from video. There's something entirely different about the way a still image engages you.

You can see the video from where these stills are drawn here:

Music is Velius by Helios, found on the Chillout Lounge Boxset (disk 2)


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