Sound Design

Project: The Node
Client: Murat Pak/Undream
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

Murat Pak's The Node: Reality Two. This is part of a larger collaborative in which a number of audio houses have created their own individual interpretation of the visuals.

Our approach was to capture the atmosphere of a desolate future, and was therefore very much about setting the right mood. We recorded a lot of ambient sounds, particularly things that you would hear every day but never really pay attention to - in doing so we wanted to create a sense of de-ja-vu, a recognition that you can't quite put your finger on.

Read more about how the audio was crafted in our IN DEPTH section on our website.

Musically this piece took inspiration from cinematic soundtracks such as those from Tron:Legacy and Inception, resulting in an epic combination of orchestral and electronic.


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