Sound Design

The Tosso Variations

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
Movement 5

The Tosso Variations is a videomusical suite in five movements based on recordings of several free improvisations by Shingo Inao. Shingo plays his Tosso, a six-stringed sensor instrument of his own design. Each improvisation is performed with Shingo dressed in a different outfit. This series of pullovers are from The Story of Oswald 1848 – a collection created by fashion designer Nicole Roscher for her label Von Bardonitz.

The Tosso Variations was first exhibited in January 2012 as a five-channel video installation at the MU artspace in Eindhoven, Netherlands, curated by Angelique Spaninks. Supported by MU, Eindhoven.

For artist's statement and more information about this work:


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