Waves Sound Design Competition

Hi, My name's Ariel Echarren from Argentina.

My DAW is Nuendo 3 and I used only "Waves Sound Design Suite Plug-ins. Some music there is made with provided samples and Waves too.

At the very begining there are multiple inverted Church Bells and chimes enhaced by L1+, Rcomp and pitched by Soundshifter P to different tones

Then Appears PumaCougarGrow (Slow speed - Ultrapitch 6 voices)
MetalScrapesBend (LoAir - MaxxBass - Super Tap 2 Mod)

Constant noise:
WindmillElectric (Q1 EQ)
FireSmallFireCracking (Slow speed - RBass - LoAir - C4 - Q1 EQ)
IceCrackingSqueali (ultrapich 6 voices - Super Tap 2 Mod)

DryIceEeireDouble (Dry, it's just cool)

Cars hace only Metaflanger and Q2EQ in the middle part.

More Churchbells (L1+ - Doppler - MondoMod)

BulletImpactsWood, Glassbeack, OldKlaxon, FlashBulb, PigSqueal
(Metaflanger, C4, Soundshifter)

Then all is filtered by Q1 low pass and fading to the hi-end

Car's parts flying are FlashBulbpops (TranxXwide, MondoMod )

Kick: Metal Scrapes (TranxX, RComp)
Snare: DoorPushBar (TranX, Rcomp, Pitch)
Cymbal: Cymbal (Soundpitch)
Bass: RaceTrackPaScrambl (slow speed, Distortion)

MetalWronk (MaxxBass, C4, Rverb)

and an inverted chime (L1)


j vimeo.com/20476631

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