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2020, after the global tragedy of 2012, the solar storm burned the earth, causing panic, wars and ending food stocks shortly after the incident. Factories, entire towns, villages, fields .. everything was destroyed. Only those who survived where the ones that learned to fend for themselves before what happened in 2012, those who could take their life for themselves. No tutorials, loans, mortgages, TV shows, mobile, social networks or money, no greed, envy, jealousy, no needs or weaknesses, just living day by day.
This story is a story of a person who managed to survive and had to leave everything behind, he's seen the few people by his side dead, and afirms to think that he's completely alone on earth. His routine is to survive his day by day based on hunting, wandering in search of human beings, and asking himself questions about where is his life leading to now. What is his role now in the universe?

Short Film recorded and edited in 4 days.

Resources: Canon 60D + H2N Recorder 18-135mm/50mm + + Final Cut X
Camera/Postproduction/Art Director: Alberto Monteagudo
Actor: Alfonso Hurtado
Location: Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid
Music: Caspian - Mie + La Cerva


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