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From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: Volume One Book ONE Discourse ONE Manasa Bhajare- Worship in the Mind of the Akshaya Patra
Discourse 1
The Awakening Axiom – On the “Tree of the One Thing”

Ong Sri Sai Sachchidekam Brahma “God is in me, God is me, I am God.” That is our fate if God is everywhere - ONE.

We come “into” Being, not born “of” atoms, but “into” atoms. God as Brahma is by definition Consciousness whose property is that of superconscious energy...

Truth is pragmatic; enduring, mature and insightful. Truth is wedded to righteousness; eternal, unchanging. Truth is reflected in the sweetness in the voice. Truth is power; unfailing; witnessing. Truth is super-natural. Nature is bound to Truth. Nature is bound to righteousness; like the monkey to his master.

Space is a boundless Eternity. Awareness occupies Space. Space is at PEACE. Nature is energetic and changing. Nature is the measure of space. Space is no-place. Space is unchanging.

Time is change that sweeps thru eternity as motion, as vibration. Time is the measure, the division of the timeless Eternity. Time divides space as the instance of vibration and rhythm. Nature is bound by the measure. Eternity and Space are measureless; beyond the limits of motion.

We are created out of what is everywhere. What is everywhere is bliss. Love is boundless bliss; in the Superconscious energy that is in it. Nature is bound in it....

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