A snapshot into a reality where animals are used as drugs to experience death without dying. Addicted to this new form of getting high, a young girl leads us through the side effects, withdrawals and euphoria of the drug's powerful experience.

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Produced, Directed, Edited - Sasha Gransjean
Principal DP - Kimberly Culotta
Additional Cinematography - Chika Okazumi
Additional Cinematography - Will Start
Assistant Camera - Kevin Reinartz

Cast -

Kelly Withers
Noel Bustamante

SFX Makeup - Patricia Wang

Production -

Robert James
Josue Bustamante
Jourdan Gallemore
Brandy Mejia

VFX - Sasha Gransjean

Additional VFX -

Alex Bradley
Florent Raffray
Vincenzo Lodigiani

Catering -

Juvenal Rodriguez

Music - "Tectonic" by Micah Frank
Additional Sound Design - Sasha Gransjean

"Nebula" dress provided courtesy of Bohemian Society

** Despite the cruelty of some of the thematic elements in this video, animals are regularly being used in similar and even more horrifying ways on a regular basis. To find out more about vivisection and to check out some agencies that are fighting to stop it, please click through to any of these links:


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