The Stereoscopic 3D Channel - TESTBED

Hello everyone,
Thanks for dropping by and checking out my retro fan film clip of Sesame Street's classic
pinball animation. I caught this video playing on Youtube whilst in Hawaii and after a big hotel room dancing fit, I had a new appreciation for this amazing clip which can be found here

I really like the painterly textures,
the rough animation and what almost seems like a likeable, artistic naivety compared to
the current "highly glossed" world of animation.
I wanted to keep all of that retro feel and basically just see how anaglyphic
3d would work on this type of rendered animation. Add on the
fact that it was the Pointer Sisters singing on the audio track, how could you not feel the vibe!?
If you have a pair of red/cyan 3d glasses, throw them on for some depth defying
pinball action.
If you don't have glasses, I've also output a 2D version here

You'll notice different colors in the anaglyph version because the reds and blues need toning
down in 3D to avoid strobing. Contrast levels also needed a big boost in anaglyph because the
glasses take down brightness a few stops.


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