Stop Motion & Animation!

"121 prepared dc-motors, cardboard elements 8x8cm", 2011
motors, cardboard, power supply, wood
35.4 x 35.4 x 11.8" / 90 x 90 x 30 cm
Edition of 6

Sonically this piece is based on resonance properties of cardboard. It is activated by 121 motors, creating a visual tension between the regularity of square shapes and the chaos of a natural system,

Artist Statement:
I try to create pieces that somehow become alive - never sounding and moving exactly the same way again. Seemingly organic, these projects are based on lifeless matter and simplified systems that are artificial, yet yielding complex behaviors in sound and motion.

This piece will be on exhibition at bitforms gallery from Feb 2 to Mar 10, 2012.

Video courtesy of the artist.

Compilation Video:

To learn more about Zimoun's work, please visit:


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