Stop Motion & Animation!

This is a fast vertical video of 540 light painting photos acquired during a period of 3 months. Together with other techniques I used 3D cross-section objects for light painting that I created and made freely available including an animation of a running man. My plan is for the running man to be free of geographic constrains and run by the hands of other lights painters out there who have the patience required to make a stop-motion video. I would love to collaborate on Erect part II where he’d be running in other countries, other tools, other light painters, new ideas. Why? Because it’s a lot of fun and didactic to work together and not have the enormous distances between us be the deciding factor. In this vimeo group: I have more 3D cross-section objects for you to try and plan on regularly uploading more objects. If any of you make a sequence of photos of the running man please send me an email so I can send you a dropbox link for you to share your photos with me. I will edit them into Erect part II and working together we will make something to be proud of.
Music made with an ipad app called Alchemy.


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