Stop Motion & Animation!

We put so many love into this animation project. lots of over time, but i didn't feel tired. Great team work!!
Julie Poirier, Assistant Brand Manager – Gravol®
Bryan Ritchie, Marketing Manager – Gravol®
Dan Pawych- Creative director
John Roberton, Senior Art Director
Cristina Simonetto, Copywriter
Clare Cashman, Broadcast Producer
Adam McClare, Account Supervisor
Paige Heathcote, Account Executive

Gary Thomas, Creative Director
Yoho Yue, Senior Designer & Animator
Julia Deakin, Senior Designer & Animator
Jullian Ablaza, Designer & Animator
Joel Tellier, Animator
Ashley Barron, Illustrators/Assistant Animator
Flavia Lopez, Illustrators/Assistant Animator
Kyle Steffler, Assistant Animator
Errol Colautti, Assistant Animator
Janice Rebelo, Senior Producer
Jo-ann Cook, Executive Producer

Yan Dal Santo, Creative Director
Harry Knazan, Sound Design
Daenen Bramberger and Mike Wise, Music Composers


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