Stop Motion & Animation!

****Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might enjoy or benefit from it!****

When my cousin Susan learned I had breast cancer, she and her fiancé, Tyler, and their friends started secretly folding cranes. Two months later, when I returned home from surgery, there was an enormous white box waiting on my doorstep, with this note:

"According to Japanese tradition, a person can fold 1000 origami cranes for several reasons: happiness in marriage; to make a wish; congratulations on an anniversary; a wish for good luck; or for a person's recovery from illness.

"With this in mind, I set out to fold for you 1000 cranes. Some folklore states, the more people who fold, the stronger the recovery. So I enlisted the help of several very good friends. We folded at the racetrack. We folded in the dance studio. We folded in the car. We folded waiting for doctor's appointments. We held a "Cranes Against Cancer" party in your honor and ate, drank, chatted and folded over 150 cranes.

Enclosed are the 1002 cranes (we were overzealous)."

I was overwhelmed with waves of wonderful emotions. I felt the need to express these emotions and to thank Susan, Tyler, and their friends. The crane animation was my attempt. Later, I re-edited the end of the video to bring new life to the cranes and to try to thank my amazing caregivers up at Dana Farber, Faulkner Hospital & Brigham & Women's.

Thank you Susan!
Thank you Tyler!
Thank you Lisa, Katia, Adrienne, Ian, Kristen, Rie, John, Tracy, Suka, Yuana and Michael!
Thank you Feebi and Piper!

****Your kindness touches not only me but also everyone who has heard of your extraordinary gesture.****

Each of your 1002 cranes appears in this video.

Photography & Editing - Robin Burnett
Directing, Music & Crane Wrangling - Beth Burnett


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