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I show the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific as ^ convincing proof of USA heroes ^ that have paved the way for our (my) safety, (because I've lived safely in Hon, Hi for 21 years when so many people want me dead, see more proof at Flickr This also seems to fulfill a prediction in Bible, the proof appears to be in the parallel scenes of the movies FANTASIA 2000 and APOCALYPSE NOW at 58 to 68 minutes. I show signs of a similar calling for Vietnam vets in 103 @

THIS CLASS 99 starts with a parallel of me as Conan the Barbarian verses all the mass media. (In this example NBC is representing ALL THE MEDIA.) What caused this was the feedback I was getting of people mocking and tearing down this class, (see my rebuttal to them @ 1 to 4 min).

Table of Contents
@ 3 to 25 minutes I explain examples of a RED SUN as a sign of God’s anger.
@ 20 I read Revelation 3:10 as history’s heros asking God, "When are you going to judge women for what they have done to us?".
@ 25 I show what I think is God’s answer to them in nine minutes of the movie Lonesome Dove.
@ 37 I finish explaining the Easter “egg” as it applies to Jesus’ death which leads into the signs of how much my safety was payed for by Saint Peter in John 21:18 to 21.
@ 49 I found out and explain why my hons, (Abba, hon & the Holy Spirit), are wearing the American flag as a bathing suit. First I explain the pavers Julius and Augustus Caesar, (as the months July and August), and Abraham in Genesis 22:1 to 13.
@ 43 to 58 min is the most proof I have about a paver for my safety and that is Abraham Lincoln.
@ 58 I make a tribute to the people who paved for OUR (& my) safety in the U.S. military.
@ 1:08 to 1:27 hours I explain the Dole Pineapple Garden Maze in Hawaii and in Alice in Wonderland and in the Bible end times.

On 4-5-12 I was wondering why I didn’t like this class 99 and the next day (4-6-12) my coffee boiled at 431 /432am and it was a sign of God boiling mad at “Christians” mocking away these blatant divine signs as “you’re so vain”, (see my rebuttal @ 1 to 4 min). It seems God prefers this class and doesn’t agree with your criticism. The #46 refers to me and #431 is the song “you got it all over him” in 179c at In this case it refers to me verses fake "Christians" cutting me down and #432 is a sign of over judgement (OJ) and on Good Friday 4-6-12 it was a sign to include all this in the description as a warning to my critics. And it worked because after God defended it on Good Friday I was able to enjoy it and pay attention when I watched it on Easter Sunday, 4-8-12.

From 179c
I believe the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him" is God's way of rubbing it in how bad the church has sold out against God (@ 2 min) and it defends me because I didn't. =rq922am on 4-6-14 confirms it because the #922 means "GET OVER IT!", the song by The Eagles.

This is about THE END of my classes from the last page of my blog at

The hard to believe line in the Bible of PEACE ON EARTH became very believable and soon in classes 185, L110, L123 & L124 except this song by
Tears for Fears prophesied a delay:

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down (Joshua 6:20)
When they do I'll be right behind you
So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it 


I found out God was serious about
class 170:
I elaborated on this in classes 185, 163b, 165, 166, 167 and in this one #170 but after 7 classes on this I finally realized that God is serious about a PEACE ON EARTH sign that I show in this class, (it was on top of a 20 story building in San Jose every Christmas). This is a very serious offer that heaven is making.

Class L110 lists how heaven tried to rescue Christmas, (and Peace on Earth), five years with permission for sex. L113 @ 25 to 39 minutes shows how the offer of sex was mocked away in 2011 & 2012. L123 & L124 was my best summary of the patriotic classes and that Peace on Earth is possible. I explained that L123 & L124 were 90% made by heaven and when they were mocked as bad as my other classes then heaven cut off the classes they were offering through me. For no thanks, pay, respect or views on my videos I’m not surprised that heaven has finally cut off the magic. The first 8 minutes of class L5b was a warning of how these classes would be mocked away, (see ya suckers and thanks for Brer rabbit’s break at THE END of classes L96, 1a1 and L94 @ Vimeo).
Diana Ross’s song “Touch Me in the Morning“, (especially with the You’re So Vain picture), might best sum up the end of these classes.

The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER in L124 @, and
the Bottom Lines might be why my classes are over, better explained @


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