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Class L123 was summed up at L124:
It became blatantly obvious that if heaven was over 90% responsible for the

This L123 started when I realized the Christmas song GLOW WORM by Mel Torme was a big innuendo to the one (me) and had a lot of magic that was going to go to waste if I didn’t make a class to explain it. This part of it: “that special birthday (12-25) the one that’s known as PEACE ON EARTH day” was confirmed in class L110 (its #52 @ PL7, that Christmas will eventually lead us to

Here’s the table of contents.

@ 1 minute is how I became a prophet of God.

@ 6 min is how the world got delivered from a nuclear war and the "see parallel (c//) signs” lesson continues for the next 2 hours.

@ 14 is the proof I have that the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 were the wrath of God on my behalf. It was due to mocking me like the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders in class L113 & the song CALL ME ray MAYBE. Just like Ray Maybe gets the majority of credits for the 1964 earthquake that hit Alaska as the wrath of God for slandering me, (in 127a @ 1hr), so to do the girls in L96 get the majority of the credits for those hurricanes due to the DOZENS of mock the one versions of the song
(see L114 @ 9 min
@ 20 is the song GLOW WORM.

@ 28 I say the hurricanes that hit Florida also had to do with the song AND CROWN THY GOOD WITH BROTHERHOOD FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA as an example and warning that heaven will be encouraging this for ALL OF THE USA. I just got a sign at 508pm to remind me of how our 2nd and 6th presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams took my side against their hometown, (area code 617), and state in closing down the Quincy shipyard which was captured in the movie Pretty Woman and in class 195 @ 3 min. That got me to post classes 200 & 193a, (all 3 are @, because it kind of says the same thing about the ”lion king’s” authority to (the #617 means) "kick butt" on prejudice in the USA and in other countries. 

@ 38 is permission for teen sex. 

@ 43 is more proof of the vision of Happy Days in class 185, (aka 211).

@ 54 is military magic in 1776 and at Pearl Harbor.

@ 1:01 is a list of the illegal harassment of my classes.

@ 1:31 is my proof of the media's lying divine signs about 9-11-01 & 12-7-41.
@ 1:32 is Pearl Harbor and my calling as 1 man show to explain the Apocalypse.

@ 1:44 is Fantasia 2000 as more proof of the vision of Happy Days and how to get it back.

@ 1:54 is a list of magic in my life that might be my best explanation of me being “the bride of Christ”, (Abba, hon and the Holy Spirit are women). 

@ 2:18 is the song Glow Worm which was the main reason for making this class.

This Bible note actually belongs at the start of this class L123 where I explain how I became prophet of God.

Hebrews 11:26
He (Moses) thought it was better to suffer for the sake of Christ than to own the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking ahead to his great reward. (Like starring in The Ten Commandments.)

After Moses realized that he was special he went straight to God with it as if to ask “what do I do with this awesome potential?”. Iʼd almost forgotten all about this but it is exactly what happened to me in 1983. The reason I did the same thing was due to a tape from Earl Nightingale about the book Think and Grow Rich. (Steve Taylor also heard those tapes as we took turns driving in our commute to work in 1983 in Valdez, Ak.) Earl Nightingale never said what the secret was because it works better if they don't tell you and you just kind of discern it on your own. I just know from listening to it I suddenly realized my awesome potential,
(WAY TOO BIG AND SCARY to be misused), and RAN STRAIGHT TO God with it and asked "what do I do with this?”, and became a Christian to not waste any of my potential, (it was a business decision). Actually the whole two hours of this class L123 explains how I eventually discerned my potential and my calling and then how I fulfilled it. Disney's Cinderella sings “sing sweet Nightingale” as do her stepsisters and Earl Nightingale mustʼve got a sign about it because he compares Cinderella who gets the message in his tapes to her stepsisters who didnʼt.

I got a sign about this part of Gloworm “your lady bug’s abiding passion is to see your taillight flashing…”. It refered to me defending sex like I did in this class and here's the link to the rated X classes that I mention
I explain the end of my classes at L112

The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER in L124 @


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