Storyteller's Paradise

Hello wine lover,

This is my latest creation for the Digital Diary of Basilicata, Italy. My piece has been under competition and became awarded with the 2nd prize (originally published

With "Red drops of life" I wanted to visualize the story behind a divine wine in a poetic way. In fact it's not a person that tells the story, but it's the wine that tells its story through the senses. One glass of wine is containing not only a finely elaborated extract of riped grapes fed with a unique set of elements of found in these lands: sun, water and volcanic minerals; but it contains stories... stories of the people dedicating their lives to nurture it, following their traditions, knowledge and above all, their passion.

Aglianico wine.. a story in a bottle, that needs to be told.

Aglianico is a unique grape mainly cultivated on the volcanic soils of the Vulture area in the north of the Basilicata region, deep down at the sole of the Italian boot. The region produces a variety of renowned top notch wines, but also many hidden gems are to be found. Get to know more.

This visual poem is based on my experiences of a trip organized by the Digital Diary for the Tourism board of the Basilicata region. 7 video artists cruised through the Italian region of Basilicata to capture their impressions and creating a visual story. Digital Diary is a series of heartfelt tales from Italy harvested on

Filmed, directed and edited by :
Caspar Diederik | StoryTravelers

Music and sound design:
Nicola di Croce

Poem written and spoken by:
Francesca Romano

Produced by:
Mikaela Bandini

Tourism board Basilicata:
Digital Diary Italy | Cantforgetit{aly}:
More of Caspar's visual stories:

Filmed with:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon f2.8 L 24-70mm
Canon f1.4 50mm
Canon f2.8 USM IS II 70-200mm
Sigma AF 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 DG HSM II

Edited in:
Final Cut PRO X
Lightroom 4
LRT Timelapse 2

Special thanx to:
Vito Paternoster (Paternoster), Viviana Malafarina (Basilisco), Viticultori Associati del Vulture, Sig. Sasso (Eubea) for your hospitality, cooperation and patience.


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