Storyteller's Paradise

Starring the amazing kids of Barrio Planta Project in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Listen up adults! When was the last time YOU did something creative?

Made for: Barrio Planta Project
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Donated by: Weird Pixel
Formerly know as Thirsty Girl Films & The Gwapa Project

Starring: Kevin Fernando Villalta Vermudez
Featuring: Yeferson Paniagua Alemán
Carlos Solis Obando
Alvin José Paredes Cárcamo
Osmani Morales Muñoz
Aisha Lacayo
Heysel Lacayo
Mario José Calderón Mora
Guiselle Carvajal Ponce
Kasmary Torrez
Yaeska Vallejos Hernandez
Cristhel GAbriela Castillo Rodrigues
Dindy Paredes Carcamo
Brevin Ballejos Trejos
Daniel Bustos Mora
Nahomi Guido
Anelis Espinoza

Director/Editor: Meg Pinsonneault
Producers: Kelly Rego
Lauren Spiegel
Meg Pinsonneault
Director of Photography: Sabina Padilla
Music by: Ben Meade

Thank you to our awesome donors who made this amazing experience possible! Stay Weird.


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