Storyteller's Paradise

Rated PG-13. Class 192 is about it's LIFE INSURANCE to loosen up and to not be seduced into being a Dudley Doright. This is 10 min of my 4.5 hr class #15, it's from a talk about the Bush twins but it obviously applies to everyone. It also obviously applies to Obama's daughters because of the black girl looking at the review of the movie FIRST DAUGHTER. It was the same year (2004) that Paris Hilton's DVD was for sale with the Red Light District breakthrough in sexier porn, I recommended it to the Bush twins by saying "get an education girls". I show the covers of those pornos synced to the song THE SWEETEST TABOO by Sade @ 8 min. There are many other signs I got making #15 but this was the easiest 10 min clip to upload. It was just as much an accidental jackpot as when I took 10 min of class L5a to make into class L5b because this 192 had a prophetic picture in 2004 that this would also apply to the next two presidential daughters, (sorry it took to 2014 to notice it). I explain the lessons I learned from this in #194 as Permission to Loosen up part 2. It goes with class #188 that I re-wrote to include more proof of the mercy God allows for sex and the BLACK MAGIC USED TO CUT DOWN THIS 192.

Class L96 @ 2 min has a commercial for the movie THE PACIFIER and I explain it’s a divine sign that it was a matter of National Security that the kids of America got to enjoy a good Super Bowl on 2-6-05. At 7 min is THE PACIFIER as a sign that I was called to give the teenagers a CINDERELLA LIBERTY sex education about the permission to get wild and that's what this 192 & 188 are about and next are better ones.

My Bible notes at have the best permission, like Romans 13:13 at page 237.

Class 103 is my defense of watching porn at 1 to 12 min @

Class L123 @
@ 22 to 28 min is the proof I have that "the one" (me) and the porn business were a perfect match.
@ 38 is permission for teen sex.

Class 199 is rated X and has about three hours of ATM porn.
@ 3:04 to 3:07 hours is why I was called to watch so much porn.
@ at 1 to 59 min and 1:55 to 2:30 hrs is my praise of the awesome improvement in porn and I summed it up at the link to class L127F next.

Class 169 is when I had a fallout with porn but it's a good record of the ups and downs.
God was so clever to let me suffer the bad treatment in porn from 2004 to 2014 until I found out that awesome breakthrough of much better porn was from heaven on the one’s (my) behalf, because I was so humble about it in L127F @ 1 to 9 min Which compounds the sin of porn to flip me off and mock me as YOU'RE SO VAIN trying to steal the credits for that improvement in porn.

Class 188
199 is the most hard-core rated X class I've made and Lynyrd Skynyrd's FREE BIRD at 3:29 hrs was like me leaving Alaska as a "see parallel" (c//) to the checkmate that I got on all women. The same girl (Naomi) is in #103 at 41 min as me in 3 examples of "the one that got away" marlins. Naomi's 3 pornos are such a poetic sync to my home in Alaska that with FREE BIRD it's a c// sign….

Class 206 is mostly about finding your Mr or Ms Right and ^ the RATED X and R versions of that checkmate ^, (also in 17 next).

Class 17/15 is "it's better to have loved & lost than to have never loved at all" @


Class L94 is: God says Love & marriage don’t go together like a horse & carriage anymore because it’s obsolete, (nice going girls), @

Class L127 @ 1 to 3 min is taking all this magic without giving thanks, it's me versus the Bush twins & the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, (nice going ladies),

My other sex ed classes:
198 is rated X & pretty good.
See if there's anything you like at the descriptions of classes 180 & 182.
180a & b are rated X and has my praise of the awesome improvement in porn from 1970s to 2010.
182a, b & c is the rated R version of 180 but I added a lot more info that is not in 180.

Classes 180, 182, 198, & 199 can be read, viewed or downloaded at

Class L110 lists how heaven tried to rescue Christmas, (and Peace on Earth), 5 years with permission for sex and my half finished class L125 had the most convincing (Rated X) proof yet until my birthday present on 10-20-13 said my classes and blog were finished.

The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER at L124 and it has why my classes are over but it’s better explained @


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