Storyteller's Paradise

This is a ^BLACK MAGIC thumbnail game^ THE FBI plays with me^ at 192 & 188 @
I explained why they do this to me at 191 @ & 161 @

This 179c has the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him" which I believe is God's way of
rubbing it in how bad the church has sold out against God (@ 2 min) and it defends me because
I didn't. =rq922am on 4-6-14 confirms it because the #922 means "GET OVER IT!", the song by The Eagles.
A see parallel (c//) is 4-6-12 at #99 @
My coffee boiled on 4-6-12 at 431/432am which I took as a sign of God boiling mad at “Christians” mocking away the blatant divine signs in this 99 as “you’re so vain Mike", (see my rebuttal @ 1 to 4 min). It seems God prefers this class and doesn’t agree with your criticism. The #46 refers to me, the #431 means the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him", the #32 means OJ (Simpson & or) Over Judgement and #432 is OJ on the church, (I learned that at the 6-27-14 update). In this case it refers to me verses fake "Christians" cutting me down and on Good Friday 4-6-12 it was a sign to include all this in the description of class 99 as a warning to my critics and it worked because after God defended it I was able to enjoy it when I watched it on Easter Sunday 4-8-12.

My version of Revelation 3:9 follows this NIV:
I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

My version:
I will make those who are of CHURCH OF THE POISONED MIND, who claim to be Christians though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

The song CHURCH OF THE POISONED MIND by Culture Club is at It hints of me as homeless like The Church of the STARS and their puppet THE FBI who has had 1 to 7 homeless people sleeping at my window for two years now, (have a quick look @ It's the same "church" that preaches "you're so vain" Mike, (& the antichrist), but I think the Lord might have some good news in this music video. The Pan Am 747 implies the #747 which means ordinary magic that's nearly supernatural. It's like the Spirit Christmas we used to enjoy before it was cut off in 1994 due to the USA letting women take over. Women told me in 1991 that they knew "the Maine loss" of them taking over would be the spirit of Christmas. It started in 1980 when my roommate from Maine didn't tell me how evil Rori was and let me marry her. I show how she is parallel to the Bush twins and how much they also were called to save Christmas in class #15 @ 3:39 to 3:51 hrs at

By 4-10-14 I learned that I had to listen to YOUR SONG by Elton John so I could stop judging Boy George and his band. It worked because when I was driving by Indianapolis in July 1994 at the part of the song that I thought said "Those are the sweetest guys I've ever seen", I said "gays". The 1 (that's me) could transmit through the radio to Indianapolis what I thought of gays, (before I became a Christian). Since it's hard to undo the prejudice I got after I was poisoned against gays by the church I had to listen to YOUR SONG as an antidote to the poison. Then I uploaded CLASS #123 @ to complete the antidote and it worked. Except when I watched the long version of CLASS 123 in class #79 I got a shocking revelation at 1:21 hrs. To put it bluntly if gays mock away the mercy God offers then you might be left to the mercy of people who hate you, (it's the same sign of a snuff film death as at 1:16 hrs in L94 @ In class 169 @ 16 to 18 min I talk about getting flipped off in USA porn and give a warning about it to European porn, (it might apply to Culture Club & or gays).

After Brandy sings ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT, (as God to the church), and THE BOY IS MINE, (as God vs my Ms Rights), then is the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him" at 2:07 hrs IN THIS 179c. It starts with me as Davy Crockett and then as John Travolta, to hear what I'm saying as Davy Crockett read the description of 193 about the UNFAIR AS HELL LAW AGAINST DEADBEAT DADS @ To hear what Davy Crockett is saying, (@ 56 to 60 min) I show him with President Andrew Jackson to show how simple politics can be, (because the more simple it is the more people will get involved and care). On 7-6-05 was the first time I explained the song YOU GOT IT ALL by The Jets on class #21 at 1:05 hrs. It was a sign of how much the military was called to be a "Mr Right" for God and how I came through when they didn't, (how much more does that apply to the church).
@ 28 to 38 is NYC as Q.F.Cigars.
@ 1:39 to 1:44 is MTV's Alison who is with with Pecos Bill again (as me) in the comment below.


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