The Sony PMW-F3 provides 4:4:4 recording, on output, with the CBK-RGB01 RGB and S-LOG Gamma capability installed.

From color grading to compositing and chroma key the most demanding postproduction processes benefit from RGB recording. Once an option, the CBK-RGB01 RGB and S-LOG Gamma output module is now standard equipment. This enables the camcorder to output an image with spectacular resolution, color quality and bit depth: uncompressed 10-bit RGB 4:4:4 1080p, over industry-standard Dual-link HD-SDI.

4:4:4 footage is fed to an external recorder, such as the Sony SR-R1 SRMasterTM recorder, capable of visually lossless 880 Megabits per second image capture. Simultaneous recording means you can capture XDCAM EX and HDCAM SR recordings for simultaneous online and offline versions of the recording.

j vimeo.com/53320969

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