Style-City Music


First of all I am not creative enough to make this stuff up, this is a true story.

The movie opens up with a homeless man at williams park, lying dead on the ground by the bus stop, noone seems to notice until the ambulance pulls up, yet people have been sitting not more than three feet from the man lying dead on the ground for the past few hours.

Then we disolve to williams park again only this time people are drinking and laughing and enjoying a band playing,
an alien head appears and starts to speak his monologue.

Scene three, I work in a place called hell, where the Devil himself is a klansman, a black man is hung by the neck until dead.

Scene four, we are in denial that a man called Adolph Hitler can march accross europe and take over a third of world using a policy built on hate. funny how we consider the Germans genocide of the Jews a horrible thing, but the Americans genocide of the black race is considered more of a civil dispute.

Scene five another alien head appears at williams park and speaks a monologue, this alien head is a little more familiar to us.

Scene six, we disolve to the Americans raid on Vietnam, enough has been said about this subject so I won't even go there.

And in the End a black man is harassed by the cops. This is nothing new, but it is funny that the police will drive by a white man holding a sign begging for money, but will harass a black man with a guitar.

Enough said.

World Peace.


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