Shot on Kodak TriX B & W reversal (and one bit on Ektachrome 100D reversal, transferred in B & W).

Watch the final short:

Available on my "Short Films By Matt Kieley (2005-2012)" DVD, which can be purchased at

The raw Super 8mm footage of my short film "The Ballad of Crazy Pete". The film was intended to be shot on Super 8, but I shot additional takes digitally as a back-up. When one roll of film ended up only exposing one shot (100D) I decided to go with an all-digital version, rather than mixing, or manipulating the remaining digital shots to match the Super 8. It also made the cost of a digital scan seem pointless. Plus I wanted it to have a consistent look. This is some shitty one-light home telecine I did myself, with a cardboard box and a frost diffusion gel as a screen. My projector only projects at 18fps (I shot at 24fps) so I had to speed it up to correct the speed. I kinda' like the end result. It almost looks like a beat-up old silent film (the raw footage was actually quite sharp and well-exposed).


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