Super 8mm HD


Charlotte Pryce is teaching by candlelight. I’m picking at my thumb under the table. She’s speaking with thumbs unpicked: “We don’t see an object, we see the effluence of that object. We see a light lingering in our eye because it works faster than our brain. This implies that we may invent what we see.” She’s now telling of Aristotle, of how he believed; The organs > not just the eye > retains the image. The sensations are retained and return to haunt the sleep. “Bodies are vessels that take in images. Can we not see ghosts because our eye lags perception and we miss it? Are ghosts a perception of speed?”…. I’m picking my thumb to the bone over this.

Screened at:
Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco 2014
Warnborough Conference on the Arts, Canterbury England 2015

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