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A full moon and astronomical high tides washed out the parking lot and coast highway but the waves were really fun.

Finally a solution to Sweepers vs Crawlers
« on: January 28, 2010, 06:43:56 AM »

Rule #1 - Respect the pecking order.
Rule #2 - Sit (or stand) inside or off to the side of the pack. Don't compete with crawlers. Give them every wave they can catch. Leftovers are fine.
This simple rule will eliminate most of the hostility towards SUP.
Rule#3 If you see someone violate these rules give them some gentle coaching.
Tom English

The pecking order is (in order of who get's the waves they want:
1 - Duke K
2 - Phil Edwards
3 - Micky Dora
4 - Gerry Lopez (and Ron House)
5 - Your shaper
6 - Oldest local
7 - Oldest Local who still pulls into barrels
8 - Any shortboarder
9 - Any Longboarder
10- Tourist
11 - SUP
13- Costco SUP


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