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Ending the year with a great jump over Villamartin - Spain.

And what a fantastic year it has been. We started wingsuiting and after only 100 jumps managed to snatch the 3rd place in the international artistic wingsuit competition in Hungary. Learned from the best, the Bad Boys (BB) Team, and flew (and learned!) with awesome people at the competition.

Also became certified Phoenix-Fly instructors and coaches. Teaching people how to fly a wingsuit is now becoming a fantastic pleasure.

For more of our videos check out the vimeo channel ( If you want more information about wingsuit flight, our site is always open ( To keep up to date with our adventures, facebook is your friend (

Live life. Because you don't know how many you have ;)

Thanks to (in no particular order and we're sorry if we forget someone): Paula Silva, Jarno Cordia, Alejandro Arce, Benedikt Klees, Miki Perez, Joaquin Forero, Jamie Dobson, Pedro Hipólito.

RIP Jonathon Wickham, we had great jumps together :)


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