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"Seitan isn't a meat replacement, it's a food stuff in its own right."

Meet Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes, the co-owners and seitan specialists behind Monk's Meats, a vegetarian butcher shop - with plans to open a storefront - in Brooklyn, New York. Monk's Meats is on a mission to supply home cooks and local chefs with meatless raw materials made with a foodie in mind, whole foods made with integrity and a passion for flavor. Dissatisfied with the seitan options at grocery stores, Chris and Rebecca started making their own version at home three years ago, getting so good at it that they decided to launch a business. I'm glad they did.

Watching them make artisan seitan is a fascinating process, both very physical and very tedious. But, according to Chris, "It's fun!"

On a daily basis, Monk's Meats produces between 100 to 150 pounds of seitan, hand-delivering them to restaurants, customers and a handful of retail shops around the city. I've tried all of their flavors, and each one of them stands out distinctly - enhancing stir-frys, sandwiches, salads, soups, omelettes - you name it - with a great source of protein. Oh, and the texture is unbelievable too. Perfectly chewy. Firm. Succulent. Like they say, it IS meat. I gotta say, it sure does feel like it. Enjoy the piece.

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