FES- 13th album announcement

- Serenai
Sarah Vermeulen
Jacob Vermeulen

- Cast
Young man : Martin Goossens
Clown : Baptiste Moulart
Young woman : Nathanaëlle Vandersmissen
Old lady : Laetitia Yalon

Production manager: Pierre Pinteau

DOP : Zvonock L.K.
Camera assistant : Fiona Braillon
Électro : Florent Bagard

Makeup : Florence Jasselette

Editor, effects & color : Nils Sotiaux

Thanks : Nicolas Pibre, Anne-Véronique Stoop, Raya Richard,
Christine Divito, Gregory Marlier, Olivier Tordeur, TOP CARE, Sylvain Freyens,

Special Thanks : Nera
(Nice black cat)

Written and directed by David Nauw

j vimeo.com/66056704

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