Simon Hedberg, CEO

The first of 3 videos about all of us here at Adme. A swedish videoproduction and animation company. These videos were created to let people and clients get to know us all a bit more aswell as an oppurtunity to create something really cool.

This is a project I’ve spent a lot of time on creating all tiny detailed animations frame by frame in flash and compositing in after effects. All animations are created in 12fps, some loop, some do not and in the end a paper texture was added on top through the animations to make it all less digital.
Some animations like explosions and fun little things were created to be re-used for all 3 videos but a lot of the bigger more specific things were unique for each video.

If you interested in more of what we do visit adme.se or email me directly

j vimeo.com/71978026

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