GoPro Big Wave Addicts 2012/2013 Episode 2 - Featuring Greg Long, Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith and Shawn Thordarson

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By- Eric Akiskalian

(Gig Harbor) WA - November 12, 2012

When professional big-wave surfer and legend Greg Long calls and says he needs to get away and surf some big waves because he hasn't had any worthy swells since the historic paddle session at Pe'ahi last month, then what else can you do except to show him some good old Northern Pacific hospitality. Well as most of you know, the general PNW crew is not likely to invite you up w/ open arms to their favorite point breaks or beach breaks but you can count on the big-wave crew to be more then inviting for any takers that wish to throw them selves over 40' ledges in shark infested waters with freezing wind chilled conditions.

As in past missions with Greg, it was down to the wire as usual with monitoring the long range then short range surf forecasts and models. Greg kept a good eye on this second swell which was predicted to hit the PNW and although the winds were questionable, he knew that if he did not pull the trigger and show up he would have to hear and see how good it was and that thought did not sit well w/ Greg.

He finally made the call and decided to pack his rig and start the long drive up. Then at the last minute I told him to drop that plan, and just fly up here and we'll take care of the rest. That meant making sure we had skies, water support, photos and lodging all set up for Greg's next big-wave session. So he flew up solo, checked it at the hotel around 9:00P.M. the night before the swell and the rest is history.

"It was an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to share those few days of waves with Eric, Keith and the rest of the crew. I was humbled by their generosity and hospitality and Eric's an incredible ambassador for our sport as well. I am already looking forward to the next big swell up there."- Greg Long

As forecasted by Surfline, Buoyweather and Magicseaweed the surf was solid 15' for a couple of days and the winds were a bit of an issue. All in all, the crew made the best out of the swell and scored some fun waves. This was the second major swell to hit the PNW this fall season and you can now watch the second episode of Big Wave Addicts which features Greg Long, Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith and Shawn Thordarson on Youtube's Towsurfer Network Channel.

GoPro Big Wave Addicts 2011/2012 Episode 2 - Featuring Greg Long and PNW Crew - Watch Here youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhee

Special thanks to Tyler Cunningham, Ross Rehberg and Skye Anderson for their continued support in our production. Also to Tyler Roemer for photos and Cody Cha Studios for film work.

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Special thanks to this seasons supporting sponsors and partners!
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