Canon EOS 600D/T3i

“The Tarian commercial is a work of fiction. All the characters and products in this film are fictitious as are all events depicted. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

Produced by: Blue Wood Films LLC and Created To Create
Writer/Producer/Director: Oliver Tuthill
Co-Producer: James Starlin
DP/Editor: James Starlin
Co-Producer: Matthew Pew
Gaffer: Matthew Pew
Colorist: Matthew Pew
Graphic Design: Josh Allred
Lead Actress: Cindy Lemos
Mia Kennedy’s Children: Caden Smith, Caia Leigh Bornfreund
Doctor: John Spaulding
Number One Fan: David O’Hara
1st Announcer: Blythe Nelson
2nd Announcer: Alana Baxter
3rd Announcer: Jay Kenney
Mia Kennedy Fans: Indrek Vercamer, Anna June Lasater, Brian Smalley, Rebecca Smalley, Kaylee Smalley, Alysa Ra, Jayleen Ra, Alayna Ra, Cheryne Billingsley, Yuliya Radchuk, Brittany Massingale
Tennis Opponent: Cheryne Billingsley
Skateboarders: Caden Smith, Nathan Vargas (aka Shark Boy)
Skateboarding Fans: Gretchen Reynolds, Jesca Shram, Nathan Shram, Cara Smith, Shane Smith, Evan Wallace, Alex Lawson, Josef Chung, Gage Borger, Noah Clawson, Anthony Policy
Production Assistant: Indrek Vercamer
Casting: Emerald City Model and Talent Agency, Edmonds, Washington
Composition: Jay Kenney and Oliver Tuthill
Music recorded at Audio Logic Studios, Seattle, Washington
Filmed on location in Redmond and Mukilteo
Special thank you to the Mukilteo YMCA Skatepark

Filmed in Washington State.


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