Everyone's Take Away Show

This is the new « de Bouche à Oreilles » concert concept (literal translation from French: “from mouth to ear”, correct translation: “by word of mouth”). Lie down, wear your headphones and watch this intimate concert filmed in “one shot” as if you were there, the sound is reaching your ear as if you were against the artist. No barrier, the pure feelings of music without noise. The limited audience also wears headphones and remains quiet during the whole session which creates an uncommon intimacy with the artist.
My inspiration came from Annabeth McNamara, an incredible young artist with who I had the chance to spend a few days in Brussels. She played in 2 venues but I was frustrated by the noise. I needed to catch her voice in total silence so I organised this sessions with her. The incredible effect of the headphones came during the recording. Then I asked myself “why do we all listen to an album with headphones and go to a concert just to hear additional noise coming from audience and speakers?”. With “Soirées Cerises” we count on organising more of those “de Bouche à Oreilles” sessions in a near future… stay tuned ! :)

Filmed in HD with a Canon HV20 + WD-H43W + Rode SVM microphone.
Sound recording: M-Audio MicroTrack II & Beta58 + SM57 microphones.

First real size "de Bouche à Oreilles" - Dan Miller - January 16 2011 : vimeo.com/18935995

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*** vidéo réalisée sans budget et sans bénéfices ***

j vimeo.com/17114181

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