Everyone's Take Away Show

WMX (a.k.a. Gus) joined One Night Music in Santa Barbara, CA on February 22, 2009 to perform a live set of eight songs. WMX is a member of So Simple Records, a collective of electronic music artists based out of Isla Vista, CA.

Two things to note that you can't tell clearly from the video. First, he is playing the music on his Game Boy. Second, you are watching him perform in real time - the audio and video are properly synced.

Find much more music and many more artists at OneNightMusic.com.

Filming of this session by Elia Vargas. Audio recording and film editing by Ryan Andersen.

One Night Music is an artist's collective dedicated to providing high quality audio and video recordings of live sets of music from awesome musicians, songwriters, and poets.

j vimeo.com/6670791

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