Tattoo art

Finished this Aztec Warrior back piece that I have been working on throughout the winter. Happy to have gotten the chance to do this piece but I wish I had started doing these time lapse videos when we started this!

I've always loved this piece, the original painting hangs at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Pilsen.

She's the Aztec princess Iztaccihuatl.

He's the warrior Popocteptl.

Here is a summary based on one version as recounted at a September 2006 "Myth, Mortals and Immortality: Works from the Museo Soumaya de México" exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution:

Before leaving for war, Popocatépetl asked Iztaccíhuatl's father for permission to marry her. Shortly after, a rival of Popocatépetl falsely told Iztaccíhuatl that her love been killed in battle. The princess died of grief from this news. Popocatépetl returned victorious but was shocked by the princess's death. To honor her, he ordered a tomb to be built close to the sun. Ten hills were united to create a mountain. Popocatépetl laid the princess's body at the mountaintop, and the whole mountain took on the form of a sleeping woman. As the warrior kneeled before his lost love, snow covered them, and they both transformed into volcanoes


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