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Music by Michael Garfield -
"International Club (feat. Tourmaline Todd)" | "Evolution and Improvisation"
Animation by Ben Ridgway -
Art by Michael Garfield and Ben Ridgway
Available in 4k (2160p), 1080p, 720p

"Evolution and improvisation: we talk about them as if they're two different things, but really, "everyone knows" that evolution is a blind process that relies upon the generation of variation.

In the sense that we can call it a computer or a learning process, or a dynamic living system, the evolutionary process itself adjusts in its expression to changing environments and changing relationships between the so-called products of the evolutionary process, which - really, you can't separate the process from the products because we are evolution, in the sense that evolution is understood as the full body of life over time.

So at any given moment we are performing it, it is expressing itself through us, but we shouldn't understand any of the things that life does as separate from what we are. What we do and what we are are, at least as I understand it, philosophically identical. "


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