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Short Video shot entirely from the air using a UAV. The whole material was captured early in the morning, time to edit took around 4 weeks on and off. The idea was to shoot a calm, slow piece but still get things moving by flying low. The whole movie is a single person project. When it comes down to experience level, this is the status.
Pilot * very experienced
Editing using FCPX * 2 years of experience and still learning
Grading with Davinci * Scratching on the surface but learning
Creativity * A lot more than could be accomplished by a single man crew

The advantage of working alone was the ability to decide on every aspect of the project, the disadvantages of not being proficient in every aspect are visible in the movie. Nevertheless Enjoy !!

UAV used * special FPV optimized quadrocopter with stabilized (brushless) gimbal
Camera * GoPro Hero3+ *
Cam Modus * 2.7k, 25 fps, Protune on, auto white balance
Flight Modus * about 10% normal RC controlled, 90% FPV (First Person View)
FPV * Zeiss Cinemizer Oled (customized)
Airtime * app. 70 min, 4 min made it into the movie
Time to Cut * app. 30 hrs, most of the time was used for technical and color grading
Software used * NLE is FCPX, also used GoPro´s Studiosoftware to fix the picture
Technical Grading * Blackmagic Davinci Resolve *
VFX * MotionVFX was used for some light effects
* Alex effects were mainly used for fixing wide angle problems
Music * "Sooner or Later" by Aidas under a CC License


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