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When someone is blind from birth, what happens in their brain’s visual cortex? Scientists have long thought that this portion of the brain was repurposed, processing the input from a sense other than sight. But technology designed to help blind people “see” using soundscapes tells a different story. Brain scans in blind individuals using this system reveal vision-related brain activity similar to that in sighted people.

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Current Biology: Visual Cortex Extrastriate Body-Selective Area Activation in Congenitally Blind People “Seeing” by Using Sounds

Neuroreport: Functional recruitment of visual cortex for sound encoded object identification in the blind.


Sight Through Sound: The Hebrew University is teaching blind people to see through sound

Seeing with the Ears. Hands and Bionic Eyes: Amir Amedi at TEDxJerusalem

EyeMusic App: Hearing Colored Shapes

Seeing with Sound

Artificial Vision


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