In the course of a research project about an innovative deployable truss structure at the Technische Universität München, an animated short was produced in 2009.
Presented as a fictitious journey on Mars, the movie demonstrates the application of a deployable bridge structure along with its carrier on its mission bridging Mars.

Developed at the Department of Structural Design of the Technische Universität München, the presented invention uncloses a wide range of possibilities in the field of deployable structures. Building construction, machine engineering and the aerospace industry will demand a higher degree of convertibility of future movable structures. Therefore, this projects ambition is the design and development of a movable or adaptive structure, which responds both in a flexible and intelligent manner to its surroundings. Deployable cantilever structures are playing a decisive role among common moveable structures. Due to their superior foldability they can be transported easily and are applicable to a variety of purposes.

The presented deployable cantilever structure combines different known systems in an progressive manner. The system is based on a spatial scissor truss. Its members can be altered by actuators. Spherical joints are used for the connection of structural elements. Furthermore cables are stabilizing the structure. The structures integrated actuators open up the full range of three-dimensional motion. Even S-shaped action is feasible. The application of high-strength spherical joints permits large carrying capacities. The combination of scissor mechanisms and telescope elements enables pack factors as low as 1 to 13. The mechanism is infinitely variable and lockable at any time, providing a high-capacity structural system in every possible position.

The patent was filed in Germany, December 2008.
Inventor: Dipl.-Ing. Z. Novacki

TUM Technische Universität München
LT Department of Structural Design
Arcisstrasse 21
80290 Munich Germany
tel +49(0)89-28923157
fax +49(0)89-28923153

j vimeo.com/4240683

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