The Art Pack

Yn y ddechreuad / In the beginning
(first 8min extracted from 1hr)

Memories of Chapels, fragments of the past distilled into film, distorted movement, images of time passing.

This extract from the second film in 'The Pilgrim's Process' was made in 2005-6, exploring the fragile and unstable role of the chapel in the environment and community.
Created using found and donated equipment it is composed from everyday journeys around West Wales, editing done on camera, allowing the faults of the hardware to dictate the look and structure of the film. The film begins with the breakdown of older analogue footage during its digitisation. A found digital video camera begins overlaying strips of distorted footage. As they struggle to co-exist they each move, fragment and stick in turn, shifting rhythmically until the colour, digital footage breaks through bleached and processed by the analogue capture card. The accompanying soundtrack was created live using found vinyl records and turntables exploring the tradition of combining sermons with popular music to create easily learnt hymns.
Indeterminacy is key to my work, using broken turntables, no headphones and simple physical interventions to create mechanical samples, unstable rhythms shift in relation to each other creating a dynamic and hypnotic work.


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