The Art Pack


"Things you own end up owning you. "

Human beings are facing critical threats!
Wars, tsunami, earthquakes, and gigantic monsters constantly invade our cities! Meanwhile, the

greatest nightmare in our history has emerged – the Sick, a disease no one has ever seem. It

breaks down our souls and weakens our minds. Yet we had no cure for it. Facing this largest danger

in the human history, Kel Bo Guan develops a series of health care design to save the souls in the

sick world and brings the peace and hope back in our ailing world.

It goes without saying, these designs are good news to the sick citizen world but we don't work for

money and names. We only carry our passion and heart for the missing balance and happiness. We

sincerely believe we can go through this together.

Believe what you see and come with us to end the Sick, the greatest disaster in the citizen

history, hand by hand,

a must buy for workaholics.

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