The Art Pack

Lulu and Marlo headed down to the Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center on assignment from Roger Smith Hotel. Their only obligation was to interview the world famous graphic novel writer, Grant Morrison. He wrote most notably, the Invisibles, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Filth, and Kid Eternity (all VERTIGO releases). Take a look at how your favorite doublet fairs at the biggest comic convention this side of Gotham.

Roger Smith Letter of Assignment:
Dear Panman Productions/ Penguin in the City,

We would like to contract your video journalistic services once again. This time you will be covering the New York ComicCon convention in New York’s Jacob Javitz center (Feb 6-8 2009). As discussed you will be working in a team of two other people besides yourself. We would like the piece to include a host and at least one qualifier. The over all feel should be very dynamic. Constant movement coupled with sincere class.

To recap what we discussed, the video should describe the overall importance of Comic Con. It should showcase the broad multi-media community associated with it. We want you to center the story on the quest to attain an interview from the graphic novel writer, Grant Morrison. The entire structure of this assignment will rest on his compliance and we understand that. We know that you have made efforts to contact his press agent and that you were granted a ten minute interview with him.

We would like it if you could include these questions in the interview:
1. What does December 21, 2012 look like for you?
2. Where do you see the trends of the internet taking us as a world wide culture?
3. What are you reading these days?
4. If humans could record their dreams and replay them what do you suspect the world would be like?
5. Who is Roger Smith?
6. when you need to find an answer to a question where do you start your search?
7. what is the relevance of the number nine?
8. how do you see language mutating?
9. Since you wrote, the Invisibles have there been any unperceived major shifts in consciousness you did not then suspect?
10. what is disinformation?

If you have time please see if you could get another, lighter interview from Art Spiegelman, writer of Maus and or Dave Gibbons the co-creator of the Watchmen. Please keep in mind that they would either fill out the story or be the replacements for Grant Morrison if need be. The entire story should not be more than five minutes since it will be made for the Roger Smith Life web site. Make sure to include the proper titles and headings that we are providing you with. Finally, the most important thing is to make this story accessible on a broad scale to as many people as possible. Make sure that you include the names and tiles of everything that is up for discussion. Another words, do not assume that the audience that will be watching this will be in the know.

All the best,


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