The Art Pack

UNCOMPRESSED FILE LINK - - makes a HUGE difference on this one

Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians: II. Section I

Made with Max/MSP/Jitter

A single feedback system recorded in real-time - while listening to the song I press one of two buttons to introduce a single new cell somewhere on the screen, either in the middle (white) or in a random location (color). After that they reproduce and evolve on their own.

"A particularly popular example of CA is the Game of Life invented (around 1970) by John Conway. It provides a graphic demonstration of ‘artificial evolution’ because the fascinating evolving structures can be seen on a computer screen. One starts with a 2-dimensional lattice of square cells, each cell randomly taken to be either black or white. Let black mean that the ‘creature’ denoted by a cell is ‘alive’, and let white mean that the corresponding creature is ‘dead.’ Very simple local rules are introduced for how the cells will change from one time step to the next. For example, if a cell has two or three neighbours which are alive (i.e. black), then the cell becomes alive (black) if it was dead to start with, or remains alive if it was already so. If the number of live neighbours is less than two, the cell dies of ‘loneliness.’ And if the number of neighbours is more than three, again the cell dies, this time due to ‘overcrowding.’ The live cells organize themselves into coherent and ever-changing patterns, like real creatures in Nature."

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