The Arts

Resolution is multi-channel sound installation that uses a dining table as an interface. Coffee cups, plates and forks are arranged to mimic a family dinner. The sound recreates the presence of a family conversing.
Utilizing interview material from her family members answering questions about Cyprus, Andreou attempts to construct a believable conversation. They cut each other off and speak over one another, however they all illustrate the same issue: that of a divided island, of a divided people.
Framed photographs of border crossings, ‘occupied’ land and postcards embellish the wall behind the table. The photographs provide a window into the everyday semiotic capital that defines life on the island and exemplifies one of the key reasons for the lack of resolve.
What we perceive to be facts and the ‘true’ reasons behind the conflict is influenced by political agendas and nationalistic tendencies. This ultimately creates a state of false reality for the people of Cyprus.
Therefore, the installation has a theatrical quality that mirrors the artificial discourse surrounding the conflict. By being placed inside the home the piece engages external ideas within internal spaces and provides an approachable platform for obscure political ideas.


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