The Director of Photography

Yohei is a Struggling Painter who spends most of his Day as a chauffeur Driving his boss around and doing questionable things that can sometimes cost his life, Yohei Having sent his work to Different Galleries and not being Accepted makes Yohei think twice about his Painting Career, Months later He Receives a letter where his work has been accepted by a Gallery from France and would like to meet with him, But Yohei having made a Promise to his boss that he will commit to his Day job becomes a Dilemma, Yohei Confronts his boss about the trip to France but his boss cannot have Yohei leave not when his the only one around Yohei has to Make the choice to take this one opportunity that might change his life or stay and commit to his Day job and continue the Same life style

Ken Aoki
Christian Storm
Bruce Yk
Hitomi kaneko
Ishibashi Kou
Aki Funada
Toshio kajima

Producer : Austin Uchino,Seiji Ito
Written and Directed by Austin Uchino
Japanese Screen Play : Chesil Nami Hong
Cinematographer : Kouhei Kobayashi & Seiji Ito
Assistant : Masato Avico,Toshio Hanaoka
Editor : Austin Uchino,Seiji Ito
Sound Design : Yoichi Hirakawa


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